Steel Shots (Use our shots for optimum use of shot blasting machines)

JP TRADING CO is one of the leading Abrasive Steel Shots Suppliers in India.

JP TRADING CO represents “TAIWANABRATOR CO., LTD – TAIWAN – a member of SINTO group.

Taiwanabrator, since 40 years of experience in metal abrasive industry, they manufacturers of steel abrasive media and produces an extensive range of metal abrasive products. They manufacturing as per the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 11124-3, and SAE J827, J444, J1993, and their quality management systems have been assessed and registered as meeting of ISO 9001 since 1997.


Product Specification:-

Mesh No. Sieve (inch) Sieve (mm) Steel Short Size Distribution (As per SAE – J – 827)
S – 780 S – 660 S – 550 S – 460 S – 390 S – 330 S – 280 S – 230 S – 170 S – 110 S – 70
7 0.1110 2.800 All Pass
8 0.0937 2.360 All Pass
10 0.0787 2.000 85%min All Pass All Pass
12 0.0661 1.700 97%min 85%min 5%max All Pass
14 0.0555 1.400 97%min 85%min 5%max ALL PASS
16 0.0469 1.180 97%min 85%min 5%max ALL PASS
18 0.0394 1.000 96%min 85%min 5%max All PASS
20 0.0331 0.850 96%min 85%min 10%max All PAss
25 0.0280 0.710 96%min 85%min 10%max
30 0.0232 0.600 96%min 85%min All Pass
35 0.0197 0.500 97%min 10%max
40 0.0165 0.425 85%min All Pass
45 0.0138 0.355 97%min 10%max
50 0.0117 0.300 80%min
80 0.0070 0.180 90%min 80%min
120 0.0049 0.125 90%min

Product Applications:-

SAE STANDERD Steel Shots Application
Blast cleaning of large steel & iron castings.
Blast cleaning of large and medium steel & iron castings.
Blast cleaning of medium and small steel & iron castings, descaling and peening of forgings and plates
S-280 Blast cleaning of small and precision castings, descaling and peening of medium thin sheets
S-i 70
Blast cleaning of stainless steel, thin sheets, non-ferrous castings.
Special Requirements are all available

Steel shots are one of the steel abrasive media we renowned Steel Shots Suppliers in India.

Features of Steel Shots:-

  • Long Durability
  • Multipurpose
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Clean quicker and consume slower
  • Identical solidity
  • Identical rigidity
  • Dimension precise
  • Supply with the prevailing international quality standards

The excellent properties, which render them extremely resistant and strong, of the steel abrasives we manufacture are a direct result of the advanced technology we use during the production process. Advanced technology we incorporate in the manufacturing process is transferred from Japan Sintokogio Ltd.

Steel Shots Application:

Shot Peening
Steel shots are used in shot peening, which is used to make stronger and reduce stress in machinery like turbines, steel automobile crankshafts, springs, gears, torsion bars, shafts and connecting rods.

Surface Preparation
Steel shots are used in support of coatings, such as powder coating, enameling, painting, metallization, rubber bonding and more…

Sand Removal
Steel shots can be used in cleaning of castings.

Scale Removal
Steel shots can also be used to clean ferrous or non ferrous alloys or products (pipes, plates etc.) that are made from forging, die-forging, stamping, drawing and rolling or after heat treatment.

Shot Blasting of Cast Steel
Steel shots can be used on the blasting of profile steel,ship board,steel board and other steel material

Roughening and de-burring
Steel shots are used in the aesthetic treatment of some material. It is also used to remove the burrs that might arise during injection moulding of metallic products.

Application Devices:
Steel Shots are mainly used with the devices mentioned below:

  • Shot Peening Equipment and Machines
  • Sandblasting Equipment and Machines
  • Rotary Barrel Shot Blasting Machines
  • Pedrail Type Shot Blasting Machines
  • Chain Type Shot Blasting Machines
  • Pendent-Chain and Pile-Type Shot Blasting Machines
  • Trolley Type Shot Blasting Machines
  • Table Type Shot Blasting Machines
  • Steel Material/ Plate/ Structure Pre-Treatment Production Line


  • Automotive Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Metallurgy field
  • Petrochemical Industry

Recyclability and Environmental Impact

Steel Shots are highly recyclable; their recyclability ranges between 2000 and 3000 cycles. Thus, compared to other expendable abrasives, they generate less waste. Also compared to lead shots, steel shots are three times harder and lower in density.

Product Characteristic

  • S-70

  • S-110

  • S-170

  • S-230

  • S-280

  • S-330

  • S-390

  • S-460

  • S-550

  • S-660

  • S-780